Additional Features

Your Surfer package comes with many additional features to help you work smarter, not harder!

  • Save a project in Surfer version 13, 12 or 11 SRF file format
  • Reload map data and grid files with a single command
  • Draw a polyline or polygon to measure distance and area
  • Use the Text Editor to easily format, superscript, subscript and edit text or insert symbols or equations
  • Substitute a new grid or data file into an existing map without changing the map properties
  • Save a grid from a grid-based map, or save a data file from a post or classed post map.
  • Display the XYZ coordinates of the cursor location in the status bar
  • Windows Clipboard support for copying maps to other applications
  • Use the mouse to resize objects on the screen
  • Define Surfer's default preferences
  • Easily find XYZ coordinates by digitizing point locations
  • Automatically save digitized coordinates as BLN or text data files
  • Print to any Windows supported printer or plotter
  • Display and print subsets of completed maps, complete with subset axes
  • Adjust the number of Undo levels
  • Click on a map and pinpoint the same XY location in a different map
  • Click on a map and highlight the nearest data point to that location in the worksheet
  • Create your own keyboard shortcuts for common functions
  • Customize the toolbars by adding or removing buttons
  • Floatable toolbars
  • Download free updates automatically


surfer-additional 2

Use the Measure tool to draw a region over the map and 
measure the length and area of the region!


surfer-additional 3

Use the Text Editor to easily create and edit custom text.


surfer-additional 4

Export your map in KML or KMZ format for convenient display in Google Earth!