Graticule and Grid Lines

Add graticule lines or another grid to your map to view the location in multiple sets of coordinate units! Display latitude and longitude graticule lines over a projected map, or create a map in meters and add a grid in feet.


Add latitude and longitude graticule lines over your projected map with a click of a button!

Graticule Features

  • Change the units of the graticule or grid between lat/long and any other supported linear units (feet, meters, miles, kilometers, etc)
  • Display lines across the map, or crosses at the intersections
  • Set the line properties
  • Set the unit spacing and starting location
  • Set the label properties, such as placement location, orientation, offset, font and label format
  • Display ticks on the axis for the graticule or grid labels
  • Set the tick line properties


Display axis labels in projected units (e.g. meters) and create a graticule displaying the corresponding lat/long values! Show the graticule as crosses instead of lines, and format the lat/long labels in one of many degree minute second formats.


Display two sets of units on your map! Add a graticule to a projected map and set the units to another linear unit to covert the graticule to a grid.