Geoprocessing Tools

Many geoprocessing, or vector editing tools are available for you to edit your vector features the way you need. Some uses for geoprocessing tools include reshaping features to a new shape, adding or deleting rings, simplifying or smoothing features, and calculating intersections between overlapping polygons. For example, create polygons of proposed development areas, create other polygons delineating flood zones, and create new polygons showing where the two overlap.

Geoprocessing Tools

  • Reshape polylines and polygons
  • Simplify polylines and polygons
  • Smooth polylines and polygons
  • Create buffers around points, polylines and polygons
  • Create points at all intersections of two more or polyline or polygon objects
  • Convert polylines to polygon (and vice versa)
  • Connect and break polylines at user-specified locations
  • Break polylines at every intersection with another object
  • Combine and split islands/lakes
  • Create a new polygon by combining multiple polygons
  • Create a new polygon only of the area(s) common to all selected polygons
  • Create a new polygon of the original selected polygons, minus the area(s) in common


Create buffers around streams, roads,
wells or any object at specified distances
to visualize offsets or setbacks!