Base Maps

Surfer can import maps in many different formats to display geographic information. Base maps are created from any number of file formats, such as SHP, DXF, GeoTIFF, and PDF. In addition to loading existing files as base map, you can also download georeferenced imagery automatically from countless free online Web Map Service (WMS) servers through Surfer's built-in WMS browser. Connect to the online data source, pick the layer of interest you want to download, and then watch as Surfer downloads the image and seamlessly loads it into your project.

Combine base maps with other map layers in map overlays, or create stand-alone base maps independent of other maps on the page. Load any number of base maps on a page. It is easy to overlay a base map on a contour or surface wireframe map, allowing you to display geographic information in combination with the three dimensional data.

When using base map data with attribute information (such as the data in SHP files), you can manage the attribute data easily in the attribute table and query objects based on object property or attribute information.

Surfer Base Map

Display your base maps in Surfer alone or overlay them on other maps.

Base Map Features

  • Edit the line, fill, text and symbol properties for individual objects in a base map
  • Download and import online base maps directly from WMS servers
  • Import georeferenced images files in real world coordinates
  • Manually georeferenced images files in real world coordinates
  • Calculate the area and perimeter length of polygons in a base map
  • Calculate the length of polylines in a base map
  • Copy, paste, reshape, move and delete individual objects in a base map
  • Add new objects to a base map
  • Adjust the layer opacity
  • Label objects with attributes
  • Manage attributes easily to add, edit or remove attributes or attribute values
  • Query map objects based on object properties or attribute values

Surfer Base Map

Display all your information! Attributes are imported with your base map files, or can be created. All objects in a base layer can be labeled with attributes. The polygons in this map are labeled with the Secondary attribute.


Download base maps, such as aerial or satellite imagery, automatically
from online mapping servers and it loads directly into your map!

Surfer-Base Map

Load all your base map files to create location maps for your data!
Overlay other map types, such as classed post maps, with your base map.