Map Layers

Adding multiple map layers to your map gives you a way to combine different types of data in one map. For example, you can drape a georeferenced image over a 3D surface map, overlay multiple base maps with a contour map, or plot a post map with contours over a wireframe map.

And because you can add any number of map layers to a map, you can show any amount of data on a single map. You are limited only by your imagination!

surfer-maplayers 2

Combining surface maps is an excellent technique to visually compare data sets.



surfer-maplayers 3

Overlay several surface maps to generate
informative block diagrams.


surfer-maplayers 4

Effortlessly produce vivid and stunning maps that display an array of data! Image courtesy of Igor Yashayaev, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada.

surfer-maplayers 5

Overlay multiple map layers and adjust the transparency of the upper layers to see the lower layers beneath! This example shows a partially transparent contour map overlaid with a georeferenced image file imported as a base map.