Coordinate Systems

Choose from an endless list of coordinate systems for your map to display. Specify the source coordinate system for each of the layers in your map, and choose to display the map in any other coordinate system! For example, load data and grid files in UTM or State Plane coordinates, and display the map in Latitude/Longitude coordinates! It is simply that easy!

Create custom coordinate systems by defining projection and datum parameters, and save the coordinate system for future use. You can also assign coordinate system information to your grid or data file and save it as an external file for future reuse. Searching for coordinate systems by name or EPSG number makes finding the one you want a snap!

surfer-map-projections 2

This map was created using ten different data sets in more than five different
coordinate systems! No extra effort is required to convert data sets, Surfer works
seamlessly with all coordinate systems. Image courtesy of Eric Dickenson,
Environmental Science and Engineering Division, Colorado School of Mines.
Infestation data was obtained from USDA Forest Service,
Forest Health Protection and its partners.