Customize Your Map

Make your map look its best by customizing it to fit your needs! Surfer offers numerous map features to enhance the look of your map. Use Surfer's defaults, or customize your map by including scale bars, editing colors, lines and fill styles, showing only portions of a map, adjusting the scale and setting axis properties!

Map Features

  • Change the tilt, rotation and field of view angle for the map
  • Specify the view projection as perspective or orthographic
  • Set XYZ scales in map units or page length
  • Choose proportional or independent XY scaling
  • Display the map using the data XY limits or choose to display the map using a subset of the data
  • Control background fill and line color and styles
  • Full control over the axis limits and scaling, axis title, axis line style, tick labels, tick spacing, tick display, and grid lines

Other Customizations

  • Create any number of maps on a single page
  • Create independent maps or create a combined map with multiple types of map layers
  • Add scale bars
  • Add additional axes
  • Add text, polylines, polygons, symbols and spline polylines
  • Edit text, line, fill and symbol properties
  • Set the transparency for images, fill patterns and most map layers
  • Define custom line styles and colors
  • Add any number of text blocks at any position on the map, using TrueType fonts
  • Include superscripts, subscripts and Greek or other characters in text
  • Add arrowheads to lines

surfer-customize 2

Customize your map using the abundant options available to you!


surfer-customize 3

Create multiple maps, scale bars, and text annotations to clarify your project.


surfer-customize 4

Create the most informative maps possible by adding text, scale bars, location maps, and other details!