Grid Node Editor

Clean up your grid with the grid node editor!

Surfer's powerful grid node editor allows you to view and edit each individual grid node in a grid file. You can edit the grid node's Z value simply by selecting a grid node and entering a new Z value in the edit box. Grid nodes are represented by small black +'s, and blanked nodes (null values) are represented by blue x's, so it is easy to see your exact data.

surfer-grid-note 2

Select a grid node and the Z value for that node is displayed in the toolbar.
You can edit the Z value and resave the grid.

 surfer-grid-note 3

Zoom in close to the grid nodes and the Z value for each
grid node is displayed under the symbol!


Track the grid node location on a map by clicking
on a node in the grid node editor window, and having the
respective location highlighted on the map in the plot window.