Use the variogram modeling subsystem to quantitatively assess the spatial continuity of data. Variograms may be used to select an appropriate variogram model when gridding with the Kriging algorithm. Surfer uses a variogram grid as a fundamental internal data representation and once this grid is built, any experimental variogram can be computed instantaneously.


surfer-variograms 2

Instantly create variograms in Surfer to quantitatively
assess the spatial continuity of your data.


Variogram Features

  • Virtually unlimited data set sizes
  • Display both the experimental variogram and the variogram model
  • Specify the estimator type: variogram, standardized variogram, auto covariance, or auto correlation
  • Specify the variogram model components: exponential, Gaussian, linear, logarithmic, nugget effect, power, quadratic, rational quadratic, spherical, wave, pentaspherical, and cubic models
  • Customize the variogram to display symbols, variance, and number of pairs for each lag
  • Export the experimental variogram data
  • Download variogram tutorial