Surfer 14 Released

Written by Jakab András on .

There are many very exciting new features in Surfer v14! The focus was on increasing usability, improving workflows to increase time savings, and including the most popular new features requested. The top new features are listed below.

A more complete list of the new features can be found in the Help. You can access the Help online or by clicking the ? button in the upper right corner of the program to open the Help. On the Contents page in the Help, navigate to Surfer 14 | Introduction | New Features.

Full list of improvements: pdfPDF

A small sample of the new featires of Surfer 14:

  • New and improved user interface
  • Edit contours and grids
  • Create maps in a snap with the Map Wizard
  • Georeference an image
  • Top level legends (including legends for post maps)
  • All grid operations have been streamlined
  • Converting areas of a grid to NoData (blanking) has huge time savings!
  • Calculate the grid volume within a selected polygon
  • Reproject a grid from one coordinate system to another
  • Set the map limits by drawing a rectangle
  • Create profiles with multiple surfaces for a complete cross section
  • Connect to OSM, WCS and WFS servers to directly download DEM and vector data
  • Create headers and footers for the plot view
  • New scale bar options
  • Range rings
  • Import a data file as a base map
  • Display grid values directly on a map
  • Create a grid directly from vector contours
  • Scale of your map in ratio form (e.g. 1:25000)
  • Adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of imagery
  • Convert latitude and longitude data in degrees, minutes and seconds directly into decimal degrees
  • Align items to the margins of the page
  • Distribute items horizontally and vertically so they are equally spaced
  • Map Measure: create a base map from the geometry, or export it to a vector file
  • Export and Print the current view displayed on the screen only
  • Use the Point Sample tool to find the Z value at XY point locations saved in a data file
  • Convert points into a polyline (and polyline into points)
  • Coordinate system improvements
  • Import & Export improvements

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