Groundwater Flow & Transport Modeling Course

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This 4-day applied groundwater modeling course is designed to present the theory behind MODFLOW (MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW-NWT, MODFLOW-USG), MODPATH, ZoneBudget, MT3D/RT3D, SEAWAT, PEST, and to illustrate the practical development of groundwater flow and transport models using Visual MODFLOW Premium (Flex and Classic interfaces). This course introduces the modeling process including conceptual model development, numerical model implementation and model calibration. It alternates between lectures and exercises to illustrate the ease of using Visual MODFLOW Premium. Course participants will work individually on their own computers (provided), allowing to perform the Visual MODFLOW Premium exercises at their own pace.

Learning Objectives

  • How to apply Visual MODFLOW to 3D flow and contaminant transport projects
  • How to use MODFLOW (MODFLOW-2005, MODFLOW-NWT, MODFLOW-USG) to develop several different types of groundwater models with hands-on lab exercises
  • How to calibrate flow and transport models to observed field data
  • How to use MODPATH to model 3-D particle tracking for capture zone delineation
  • How to use ZoneBudget to assess sub-regional water budgets within the model domain
  • How to use RT3D and MT3D to simulate 3D reactive transport
  • How to use WinPEST to improve model calibration and assess uncertainty
  • How to use SEAWAT for modeling geothermal systems and density dependent flow and transport

Other Benefits

  • Hands-on guidance with Visual MODFLOW by expert instructors
  • A complete set of course lecture notes and lab exercises
  • A copy of laboratory exercise files and a demo copy of Visual MODFLOW
Date 2017 May 9-12
City Gödöllő, Hungary
Location Szent István University - Museum of Development History of Agricultural Tools and Machinery
Address H-2100 Gödöllő, Szentgyörgyi Albert u. 4.
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  • Before 2017 April 7: € 999
  • After 2017 April 7: € 1.199
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  • We reserve the right to modify the date of the event, or to cancel it in case of insufficient registrations received.
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