The evaluation of groundwater resources, of water quality, of water levels, and of other important parameters often requires collection of large amounts of data. This need makes it important to deploy tools such as automated data aquisition and logging instruments and communication solutions that minimize the costs and human resources involved, but in the same time allow the collection of reliable and accurate data. The shared family of high quality tools developed by van Essen Instruments and Eijkelkamp Soil & Water makes it possible to fulfil the above requirements, and ensures maximum client satisfaction through the highest level of technical support provided.

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The world's smallest, temperature and electric conductivity data aquisition instruments (Diver family: Mini-, Micro-, Cera-, and CTD-Diver), plus water quality dataloggers.

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Field Instruments

Field instruments for environmental monitoring and water menangement. Measurement of pH, temperature, EC, ORP (Redox potential) and of other water quality parameters.

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Network Interfaces

It is possible to connect dataloggers and probes to existing industrial networks such as SDI-12 environmental monitoring systems or Modbus/RS485 systems.

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With the e-SENSE system collected data is transmitted by telemetry to the data processing point, through GSM or GPRS protocol.

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Monitoring Systems

Local and large scale, full featured client oriented monitoring systems from design through execution and operation to data quality and reliability control and supervision.

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Datalogger Software

Regardless of whether data is collected by manual means or by wireless and/or telemetry solutions, one will need software tools that allow basic or complex data processing and storage.

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