Software Distribution

Environmental Software and Technical Support

We commenced our ditribution activity by selling environmental and hydrogeological software. We became distributors and/or resellers in Hungary and some of the neighboring countries for well known manufacturers such as Waterloo Hydrogeologic, DHI, Lakes Environmental, Golden Software, Inc., GAEA Technologies Ltd. and many more. Distributorship is an important part of our global marketing strategy. Many of the software products are actively used by us, and we are able to provide our clients with technical support that goes beyond usual distributor support. Nevertheless, we also act as a direct link between the client and the developer if required. Both direct and collateral technical support is free, and is offered according to the developers' related policies.

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Monitoring Equipment Distribution

Dataloggers and related Systems

The evaluation of groundwater resources, of water quality, of water levels, and of other important parameters often requires collection of large amounts of data. This need makes it important to deploy tools such as automated data aquisition and logging instruments and communication solutions that minimize the costs and human resources involved, but in the same time allow the collection of reliable and accurate data. The shared family of high quality tools developed by vanEssen Instruments and Eijkelkamp Soil & Water makes it possible to fulfil the above requirements, and ensures maximum client satisfaction through the highest level of technical support provieded.

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Remediation Technology Distribution

Bioremediation Technologies and Equipment

Our company offers a broad range of groundwater remediation technologies and products. We distribute the products and technologies developed by Tersus Environmental and inVentures Technologies. These technologies have been specifically designed for environmental applications, with great emphasis on performance, cost-effectiveness, ease of use and environmental safety.

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