Viewshed maps

Perform viewshed analysis using a loaded grid file with a user-specified transmitter location, height, starting angle and radius. All visible areas from the transmitter location within the selected radius are filled with a user-specified color. Alternatively, choose to display the invisible areas from the transmitter.

Viewshed analysis is useful in many applications, such as determining if mining operations or drill rigs can be viewed from public locations, determining what is visible from trails or roads, and to locate communication towers.


Display areas visible from a specific XY point location by creating a viewshed map.

Wiewshed Map Features

  • Specify the sampling distance
  • Choose to show visible or invisible areas
  • Determine the line and fill properties
  • Select the transmitter symbol to be displayed at the transmitter location
  • Specify the XY point location for the transmitter
  • Select the view radius, start angle, and sweep angle
  • Set the transmitter and receiver height above the surface


Create viewsheds to determine if specific features such as drill rigs can be viewed from public access lands, such as along the roads, trails or rivers.