Post Maps

Post maps show points at XY locations, such as sample locations, well locations, or original data point locations. Use the points to show the distribution of data points on the map, and to demonstrate the accuracy of the gridding methods you use. Add multiple labels to the points, connect the points with a line, and control the size, shape and color of the symbol.

Also create classed post maps that identify different ranges of data by automatically assigning a different symbol or color to each data range.

surfer-post 2

Use post maps to display the location of your XY data

Post Map Features

  • Create any number of post maps on a single page
  • Use proportional or fixed size symbols
  • Full control of symbol style, color, and frequency
  • Post all points, a specific range of points, or every nth point
  • Specify custom symbols from the worksheet
  • Add labels from a data file and adjust the angle of the label and the plane in which the label appears
  • Drag post map labels to place them exactly where you want them
  • Make a classed post map to post different symbols for specified ranges of data values
  • Create a classed post legend to display the symbols and data ranges
  • Save and load classes for a classed post map
  • Adjust the layer opacity

surfer-post 3

Different symbols are used to display different ranges of data in classed post maps.
Here, a classed post map is overlaid on a wireframe map and 3D label lines have
been added to lift the symbols up off the map surface


Use multiple post maps to differentiate between different types of points.
For example, create a separate post map for each type of well in a field.