Contour Maps

Display contour maps over any contour range and contour interval, or specify only the contour levels you want to display on the map. And with Surfer you can add color fill between contours to produce dazzling displays of your maps, or produce gray scale fills for dramatic black and white printouts..

surfer-kontur 3

Create colorful contour maps with custom levels, colors, and a color scale!

Contour Map Features

  • Display automatic, logarithmic or user-defined contour intervals and ranges
  • Full control over contour label format, font, frequency, placement, and spacing
  • Drag contour labels to place them exactly where you want them
  • Automatic or user-defined color for contour lines
  • Color fill between contours, either user-specified or as a custom color map of your choice
  • Save and load custom color map files for the exact desired display
  • Use one of the built-in presets as the color map
  • Full control over hachures
  • Save and load contour map level files that contain all the level information, so you can easily and quickly create contour maps with consistent properties
  • Regulate smoothing of contour lines
  • Blank contour lines in areas where you don't want to show any data
  • Specify color for blanked regions, or make them transparent
  • Add color scale
  • Create any number of contour maps on a page
  • Add base, vector, shaded relief, image, or post map layers to contour map layers
  • Drape contour map layers over 3D surfaces or 3D wireframes for dramatic displays
  • Export contours in 3D DXF, 3D SHP or 3D TXT formats
  • Adjust the layer opacity

surfer-kontur 4

Create vibrant and informative contour maps and overlay them with post maps of the original data points!


 Create logarithmically distributed contour levels to
identify both high and low areas on the map.


Use date/times as an X or Y variable when gridding and creating maps!
Reverse an axis to show the data in the correct direction, such as depth
data increasing downwards.