Object and Property Manager

The object manager and property manager makes the editing of any object simple. The object manager displays all the objects in the plot document in an easy-to-use hierarchical tree arrangement.

Double click on objects in the object manager to easily edit them, check or uncheck the check boxes next to their name to show or hide them, drag and drop objects to rearrange the order in which they are drawn, and overlay maps by dragging and dropping map layers from one map frame into another! Select any object or map layer in the object manager for easy deletion.

When an object is selected in the object manager, changes to the object can be made in the property manager. The property manager is a docked window that is always displayed on the screen. You can make the property manager floating or close it, if you do not want it to display. All of the properties for an object are listed in the property manager. For instance, the Contours layer is selected in the object manager in the image below, and you can change the contour layer properties in the property manager. Once the change is made in the property manager, it is immediately applied in the plot window.

surfer-ompm 2

Use the object manager and property manager
to easily access and edit all objects
in your plot window.