Surfer 15 Released

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There are many very exciting new features in Surfer v15! The focus was on increasing usability, improving workflows to increase time savings, and including the most popular new features requested. The top new features are listed below.

Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.1 Released

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Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.1 was officially released. Enjoy robust upgrades and dynamic enhancements in Visual MODFLOW Flex 4.1 This latest version gives users the ability to utilize key upgraded engines; grid editing updates; property and boundary improvements; enriched visualization abilities, and so much more.

The Waterloo Hydrogeologic development team heard from users around the globe that editing capacity was lacking, so they improved it and added many new user-friendly features, including but not limited to those listed below.

FEFLOW 7.1 Released

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FEFLOW 7.1 features a substantially extended range of functionality compared to previous versions. This page presents the highlights of the new release in an overview of the most important new features and improvements.