We commenced our ditribution activity by selling environmental and hydrogeological software. Distributorship is an important part of our global marketing strategy. Many of the software products are actively used by us, and we are able to provide our clients with technical support that goes beyond usual distributor support. Nevertheless, we also act as a direct link between the client and the developer if required. Both direct and collateral technical support is free, and is offered according to the developers' related policies.

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Groundwater Models

Groundwater flow, contaminant transport and heat transport modeling software.

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Surface Water Models

Surface water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.) flow, water quality and sediment transport simulation.

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Watershed Models

Watershed hydrology and hydraulics, coupled surface water - groundwater modeling, floodplain management, flooding, etc.

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Air Dispersion Models

Air dispersion models, pollutant movement in the atmosphere, and risc evaluation.

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Data Management and Visualization

Pumping test analysis, hydrogeochemistry, databases, pre- and post-processing software, GIS, graphical processing and visualization applications.

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Risk Assessment

Applications for evaluating human health and ecological exposure and performing risk assessment. Exposure assessment, risk assessment, risk evaluation.

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