Surfer 15 Released

Written by Jakab András on .

There are many very exciting new features in Surfer v15! The focus was on increasing usability, improving workflows to increase time savings, and including the most popular new features requested. The top new features are listed below.

A more complete list of the new features can be found in the Help. You can access the Help online or by clicking the ? button in the upper right corner of the program to open the Help. On the Contents page in the Help, navigate to Surfer 15 | Introduction | New Features.

Full list of improvements: pdfPDF

A small sample of the new featires of Surfer 15:

  • 3D View
  • LiDAR data processing with the new Point Cloud layer
  • Base Map Symbology
  • Create Thiessen Polygons
  • Create Delaunay Triangles
  • Multithreaded Gridding and Color Relief Generation
  • Time Saving features
  • Coordinate system improvements
  • New Import formats

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