Surfer lets you massage your data in many ways to achieve the exact output you want. Surfer includes a full-featured worksheet for creating, opening, editing, and saving data files. Data files can be up to one billion rows and columns, subject to available memory. You can cut, copy, and paste data within the Surfer worksheet or between applications.

Worksheet Features

  • Import a database directly into the Surfer worksheet
  • Calculate data statistics
  • Perform data transformations using advanced mathematical functions
  • Sort data based on primary and secondary columns
  • Spatially filter data
  • Assign a projection or coordinate system to your data, and convert the data to a new projection or coordinate system
  • Select a predefined coordinate system from Geographic (lat/lon) or one of the supported projected systems (Polar/Arctic/
  • Antarctic, Regional/National, State Plane, UTM, and World)
  • Define a custom coordinate system by selecting a supported projection, specifying the projection settings, and either choosing one of over 400 predefined datums or creating a custom datum
  • Add a frequently used coordinate system to the Favorites list to be easily accessible
  • Assign which columns in the worksheet contain the X, Y and Z data
  • Use the Find/Replace function in the worksheet to easily find or replace your data
  • Print the worksheet


surfer-worksheet 2

Open, enter, edit and save data in the Surfer worksheet.