The AP-7000 takes long term deployment to the next level. It features a novel dual wiper system to clean ALL electrodes. It comes with a standard set of sensors plus 6 Aux ports to house any combination of Aquaread ISE or Optical sensors.


Standard Parameters:

  • pH
  • ORP (Redox Potential)
  • Optical DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
  • EC (specific and absolute electric conductivity)
  • Salinity
  • Resistivity
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • SSG (Seawater Specific Gravity)
  • Temperature
  • Depth

The AP-7000 features 6 Auxiliary sockets to allow you to add further sensors to the probe. The sockets are completely unrestricted so you can fit the probe with any combination of our ion selective or optical sensors

The AP-7000 can be used with a variety of cable lengths via the AquaConn Connectors. Cables available in 3, 10, 20 and 30m lengths as standard.

The AP-7000 is fitted with a central self cleaning system. The brush, that sits in its home position, will rotate and wipe each of the sensor faces clean multiple times per cleaning cycle. This level of cleaning maximises the duration that the probe can be left unmanned for.

Customisation Options:

Customisation of the AP-7000 is very simple. It features 6 ports, and each of them accepts either an Ion Selective (ISE), or an optical sensor.

The auxiliary ports are fitted with blanking plugs, which can be simply unscrewed, and a sensor can be introduced in place.

Using the AP-7000 as a water level logger

The AP-7000 features a depth sensor. This sensor is capable of measurement accuracy of 0.5%FS.

The depth is zeroed automatically whilst the conductivity is reading zero. As soon as the conductivity registers over 0 the probe depth begins to be calculated. Once the probe is lowered to the desired depth it must be secured, then using the GPS Aquameter the depth can be zeroed once again. Now the AP-5000 will detect small changes in the water level and display them as a positive or negative change.


Electrodes and Specifications

Optional Ion Selective (ISE) electrodes Optional optical electrodes Electrode fitting options for AquaProbe probes
  • Ammonia & Ammonium,
  • Calcium,
  • Fluoride,
  • Chloride,
  • Nitrate

  • Turbidity,
  • Thodamine,
  • Chlorophyll,
  • Fluorescein,
  • Blue Green Algae,
  • Refined Oil

Electrode fitting options for AquaProbe probes

Mechanical Specification
Protection Class IP68 (permanent immersion)
Immersion Depth Min. 75 mm; Max. 100 m*
Operating Temperature -5¬įC √∑ +70¬įC
Dimensions (L x Dia.) 440 mm x 77 mm
Weight 1350 g

*100 m submersion for a period of 1 week; 30 m submersion for permanent deployment.